Buddhism & Meditation Guide

Welcome To Loving Breath

I have had a daily meditation practice since June 2011. I have also possessed a love of reading Buddhism and meditation books, and I have experienced many thousands of hours reflecting on topics like the Buddha, The Wheel of Life, karma, rebirth, conditionality and the gods, since I came to Buddhism in 1993. Also I have had the opportunity to teach meditation at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre for almost three years. With these various factors in mind, I believe I am qualified to impart my knowledge and experience to those who wish to learn and develop as individuals and become more healthy and emotionally robust.

I am very much setting myself up as a guide as opposed to a teacher, in the Warwickshire area, as I believe the teacher-pupil scenario presents a subtle barrier, which neglects the wisdom that we can all confer on each other. I am therefore trying to guide and steer those with an openness to their own possibility of change and evolution, in the right direction, but without denying essential aspects of the truth that they might be able to share. I aim to guide, encourage and support people, either with their meditation practice or their spiritual development, and to find ways to untie some of the emotional knots in their bodies, which cause them to feel blocked, and therefore not acting at their fullest potential.

I wish to help people with stress and anxiety through skype on a one-to-one basis, or leading meditation workshops in schools, organisations and businesses. The money I receive would be on a donation basis, but I would suggest an amount of £50/hr for skype sessions and workshops for those who would like to pay the going rate, but you are free to decide according to your circumstances. What I would point out though is that generosity is the main gateway to a fulfilling life, and by the act of giving, you are, little by little, increasing the happiness in yourself by letting go of some of your attachments, and spreading greater concord into this fragile yet wonderful world of ours.

The Three Main Aspects to Buddhism

There are three main aspects to Buddhism, which are Ethics, Meditation & Wisdom, which generally follow in that order. It might be that you just want to explore meditation and mindfulness from a psychological standpoint, and with that I can help and support you. You might be drawn to the ethical side; as well as meditation, but with the emphasis on the positive expression of ethics, not as rules or regulations but as training guidelines. These would be cultivating the qualities of loving kindness, generosity, stillness, simplicity, contentment, truthful speech and being mindfully aware. When you develop these supremely positive qualities, they bring you more into harmony with the universe, and increase the flavour of joy in your life. When you are leading a truly ethical life, meditation becomes easier and richer, and begins to instil in your mind that to change and to spiritually grow is the most natural thing we can do as individuals.

Lastly there is wisdom. This is about apprehending simple yet profound concepts from the whole of your being, both intellectually and emotionally, but which take a lifetime, and perhaps many lifetimes to understand from the depths of one’s heart. Buddhism has a term called ‘citta’, which means heart-mind, and expresses the wisdom that the heart possesses. I can help you understand the concepts on the level of the reasoning mind, but you will have to make your own effort to reflect on the truths and reality that the ideas contain. One’s realisation of the truth will only properly deepen through a systematic daily meditation practice, otherwise there will be little conceivable chance of breaking old, ingrained habits and tendencies, and moving towards greater clarity of mind and perspective.

What I have noticed over the years of practice, is that wisdom comes about slowly and gradually, and, for the majority of one’s time, you are focused more on finding calm and peace in this frantic world, which in its own way is an aspect of wisdom. I will therefore assist you to become a more mature and healthy individual, but without denying that it is fundamentally through your own balanced effort that this will come about.